Bad service

Location/place: Ernakulam,Kerala-682026

Name of company/service: Reliance Broadband

I have had a very bad experience with Reliance broadband internet. It used to be fast but now it is very slow, and there is no network most of the time. The modem they gave me was defective and I experience problems atleast 2 times a month,every month. I tried registering a complaint in their consumer care service, but they didn’t register my complaint and the problems persisted. I have had no net for more than 20 days now, and even as I am typing this, the net is extremely slow. They refuse to offer a refund of the fees and also to discount the fees for the period when net was not available.They also keep calling every hour to tell us to pay the fees,and don’t listen to any of our complaints,saying it isn’t their problem.Please take necessary action.

-A student of 12th who likes to surf the net and has a lot of assignments with urgent need of internet connection.

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