Bad Network Service + Bad Customer Service

Location/place: Hyderabad,Ramnagar

Name of company/service: Beam Cable Internet Provider.

HI All,
I have been using Beam cable internet past 1 and half year.Recently I got one problem with beam cable,related to internet connection.Beam cable providing one box this will distribute the internet signal,earlier this box has some one else,now they are not allowing to put this box at home so thats the reason I am not able to get the internet connection.For this issue I have raised lot of tickets and made a call to beam cable customer care service.I am facing this issue past 7 days.Atlast they given reply saying that I have to put that box at my home,but I don’t like to put that box due to I am staying at rent home.So I had rejected ,now the beam cable people said without putting this box they are not provide internet for me.If I go to other service provider for new internet connection they will charge more amount for new connection.Could you plz provide your inputs how to solve my issue.


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