Bad Handset quality of Nokia E72

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Nokia

I had brought Nokia E72 Handset in October 2011. Immediately after purchasing the Handset it was giving a Memory Full error, which I initially ignored it and continued using it and also the outgoing sound quality was bad and distorted as complained to me by my clients as they were not able to get through me. But, in the month of January it went out of my patience to continue and finally landed at Harmony Audio, Charni Road the authorised service centre for Nokia. One the first visit they said it is a software issue and shall be resolved. I was happy when they returned the handset to me the same day. But athe next day I noticed that again the same problems exist. As the problem is intermittent hence not necessary that it shall be there every time. But next time I visited I showed him the problem and it was finally agreed that it was a hardware problem and it has to be sent to their Delhi / Gurgaon service centre. Since then I have submitted the handset 4 Times till now with the same problem listed as below: MEMORY FULL NETWORK BREAKING PROBLEM INTERMITTENT OUT GOING VOICE PROBLEM This time I have submitted the handset with a writing that I shall not take the repaired handset now and want a replacement. I have also taken a extended warranty on the same and that should be from the date the new handset is issued to me. Now the service centre is not responding to me and neither answering my calls. Due to my Hectic schedule, being a National Sales Manager it is not possible for me to keep going there and keep waiting in line before someone attends me. Hence either the company gives a replacement or the damages against the same for the time and money wasted on the handset for the prestigious time and loss of business due to this Top of line business phone.

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