Bad functioning of Micromax Ninja A-89 phone and maltreatment of customer by the company and the service centre at Pahad Ganj

Location/place: AIWC, 6, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi

Name of company/service: Micromax- Smart Phone- Model- Micromax Ninja A89

I am writing this mail after undergoing too much trouble and frustration ever since I bought and began using the Micromax Ninja A 89 phone manufactured by Micromax. After a lot of research I had bought this phone considering it contained a lot of features and was available at a good price. I bought this phone on 18.03.2013 from the website “Flipkart” and within fifteen days problems began occurring in the set. First of all the Radio stopped working. Despite trying for hours it would just not work. Thinking it to be some network problem, I ignored it. Then all of a sudden the ringing volume of the phone dropped very low despite keeping it very high; so much that I would be standing near the phone and yet wouldn’t be able to hear the ring. Then, all of a sudden, one day, the alarm volume went off. A friend who has a micromax phone asked me to switch it off and then switch it on. On doing so the phone began working fine and the ringing volume became normal too, though the radio was still giving problems. Then one day, while I was talking on phone, suddenly my earpiece stopped working. I couldn’t hear what the person on the other side was saying. When I called up from the phone, I couldn’t hear the ring either. I kept thinking that it is because of bad network that I am not able to hear anything but once I inserted the ear-phone I could hear everything clearly. I then called up the customer care executive who told me that I should go on factory setting and reset the phone. I did that and the ear-piece began working well within 2-3 hours without the ear phones. But within a week the same problem occurred. I again did factory re-set and it began working fine within 2-3 hours but the same problem kept occurring again and again. Apart from this the phone keeps hanging and many times the touch doesn’t work at all. Often I find myself unable to return to the main menu or disconnect a call.

But since then, and this is by no means an exaggeration, I have done factory resetting at least 20-25 times but to no avail. This was a highly irritating and disgusting thing. When you claim that you are giving a smart phone with so many features within the reach of common man, you should ensure that the common man doesn’t have to undergo so much of trouble. I did not buy it to keep doing the same annoying task of resetting it time and again or grappling with one problem or the other which eats up my time and energy and leaves me frustrated. The worst thing is that it has been only about two months since I bought this phone and it has begun troubling me so much.

I took the phone to the service centre Manish Telecom in Pahar ganj, New Delhi. The speaker/earpiece problem got solved in a while but i discovered new and much more irritating things the very day while I was still at the service centre.

To my surprise, the ear-piece was working okay (just okay, not fine) but now, new problems had arisen. Now, after inserting the ear-phone, the sound is just not audible, the radio isn’t working or may be not audible because of the bad sound and the alarm volume is absent. I am not able to talk on phone using the ear phones. I had already asked the customer service center personnel, Mr. Akhtar, at the time of depositing my phone to see why the radio wasn’t working (since there was some problem in it then too) but apparently he didn’t do so and now the sound isn’t coming altogether.

I have undergone so much of trouble because of the rubbish set I bought. And then, the servicing is so poor. I got a message from the company the very next day of depositing the phone at the Customer care center the first time that the set has been repaired and I could collect it but when I reached there, I was told that it was not so. Moreover, despite being a working day, the center was closed. I called them again a few days later when I was told to come the next morning. When I called them the next morning as a precaution before taking the trouble of going again and meeting with disappointment, I was told to come in evening. When I reached in evening, I discovered the new problems as I have told you before. I have spent more than Rs. 1000 till now in commuting to and fro the Customer Care Center but I really think micromax is taking it lightly and have no value for customer’s time, energy or money.

I have been told that my phone’s motherboard would be changed. When I asked why the phone wasn’t checked fully before asking me to collect it, I was given the answer that only one part can be changed at one time and since the speaker/ringer was changed, the mother board couldn’t, which is a false statement, as the micromax call centre person told me later when i called him up. This simply means you enjoy harrassing your customer. I have been assured that a mother board has been ordered and I would soon get a call to come with my phone (which I have brought with me on the advice of Mr. Akhtar since at least I could surf net on it, if not talk!) and get the mother board replaced but I do not know when I would get the call or even when it is repaired if it would not trouble me further. It is pertinent to mention here that a promise to change the motherboard was made to me on the 6th of June, 2013 and i was assured that by 12th of June, I would get a call/message to come with my phone.Today is 12th June and I still don’t know what has happened.

It is shocking that their policy of no refund or no exchange is costing me so much and I am still trying to amicably settle the issue by again asking for either a refund of my money or an exchange of the phone. I request you to look into the matter and either get the phone changed or ask them to refund me my money because the fault is from their end.

I have been calling up the customer service centre consistently since the day my phone’s speaker was repaired and I was told that now the motherboard needs to be replaced. The person at the centre had asked me to take the phone back with me since once he gets the motherboard, he will call me up and repair it then and there. Till the time of writing this mail, I havent got any response from the customer care, nor have I received any message from Micromax company regarding admission of complaint. I am told by the Mr. Akhtar that an order for motherboard has been placed but then, I do not know what is causing the delay.

It is indeed disheartening and frustrating to see this treatment that I am getting from Micromax. Please see that I do not have to undergo further agony or disappointment.

Thank you

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