Bad Customer Service

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Voltas

We had bought voltas air conditioner 1.5 TV Plus on 26/06/08 from durga Airconditioning Pvt.Ltd (dealer) in Pritampura,Delhi.
There as a slight problem with the remote wherein the temperature button was not functioning properly. I reported the same with voltas customer care via complaint no 10SP 0601383. So called executives of voltas came and said it needed repair ,so they took it with them. Despite the fact they made 3 visits which includes visiting charges each time claimimg it to be company’s policy they only ended up in spoiling the remote completely (it stopped working at all) Now, i was suggested by the executives that the remote needed replacement.I was highly irritated and droped the idea.
This year again made a complaint via complaint no. 11MY2300752 on 23/05/2011 wherein I had specifically asked for the replacement and not repair for the remote to the call centre executive.I also gave the model no. of the A.C. along with other details.I was promised that the visting technician will come along with the remote.
The so called executives of voltas came in as usual without the remote and suggested me repair.I was very clear on the fact that i needed replacement and not repair.Then they asked me an advance of Rs., 1500/- to get me the remote claimimng it to company’s policy. I specifically told them to get the remote first, make sure it works and I will pay you simultaneously. I called up the call centre again after long hours of transferring of calls,I finally managed to speak to the guy named rakesh,whoclaimed to be somebody senior,narrated my entire horrified experience.I was committed that the remote will be replaced within 2 days. but even today the complaint stands unclosed.
I am totally shocked with the kind of attitude the employees of such a reputed company like TATA have towards their customer.Is This the level of service thats expected out of big companys’.And what kind of company policy is to ask for advance from the customer without providing the services…considering the fact that i already have had a very bad experience previously. I am absolutely disgusted and annoyed with the attitude of the employees of TATA. They r doing nothing but bringingbad name to the company. I strongly recommend people not to buy product of TATA as they don’t value their customers.

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