Bad Customer Experience

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Om Sweets

I am a resident of Sector 4 Gurgaon and I frequently visit Om Sweet’s outlet in Sector 4 and sometimes in Sector 14. Needless to say I buy a lot of good stuff from these joints. On July 5th at around 8:05 PM, I went and bought 2 items (250 gm Kaju Barfi and Egg rusk), the total amount was 180/-. I gave my SBI Cr. Card to their representative Mr. Rajender Chaudhary and mistakenly he swiped it for 300 Rs. The same was confirmed through an SMS from my credit card provider on my mobile phone. I made the representative and later their manager Mr. Yatin Arora see the same SMS. They under the garb of some process which gets done on POS machine told that the swipe did not happen. I told their manager that is fine, l will pay you cash, but can you please write over the bill that there is a dubious transaction of Rs 300 and if the Cr Card provider confirms the same over the phone Om Sweets will settle it the day after. The Bank call center was closed after 8:00 PM and therefore a confirmation could not happen then, but the manager declined. In spite of my repeated attempts to logically explain him, I felt that the whole thing is falling on deaf ears. He not only declined but his behavior was unbecoming of a manager at such a reputed joint. It was as if I was made to pay twice for somebody else’s mistake.

I request all to take immediate note of the same and be careful while providing your credit card at Om Sweets. I, for sure, was disheartened and am inclined to at least report this issue.


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