With reference to the above, I have a corporate connection for airtel & would like to make a complain for Aitel Mobile who have charged me extra on a particular number for one month n denied the refund + not replying properly + bad behaviour (disconnecting the line if they do not have any answer to my Qs). Highly unprofessional staff at the front end. Supervisors don’t come online. Do not reply on the mails in the first place. Do not give complain numbers.

Further to elaborate I would like to tell that on 12/7/18 I had sent an email to Airtel regarding plan change of 4 mobile numbers of mine. They had done 3. As usual there emails don’t reach me month for my account (AC No.1341702578) n every month I have to send reminders to them to send me the bill copy. After verifying the bill I found out this mistake n informed them by email on 10/08/2018 giving the details of the same.

I received a call back on 11/8/2018 saying that we will check n get back to you within 3 days regarding the same. When asked for the complain number, they didnt give n said some one will call you n confirm. Again I sent them email on 14/08/2018 when no reply was received. I get a call back again that refund cannot be done. When asking them to give a reason n send email they denied n asked have you got email from us. Again I told them I had sent all details on 10/08/2018, they said ok we will check n get back. No reply again on that.

On 20/08/2018 again I re-sent the same email n asked for update they gave an irrelevant reply saying that they don’t have records for plan change on dated 11/6/2018. where as the plan change date was done on 12/07/18. I failed to understand if these people are reading the emails n replying or just blindly replying.

Again after getting no reply I re-sent the same email on 25/8/18 n had a terrible day with them. They gave a new reply to update the records as they don’t have details in there system regarding the email id, mobile number n contact person of the said ac. It was a terrible time explaining them but seems they had put this on auto reply. How can after so many years of having a ac with them they suddenly asking a new thing for which when I spoke to the customer executive on @121 they didnt had a reply n gave me another email id to escalate the issue. Even on that also there is no reply from CS n I’m still waiting for them to give me a reply so that the payment can be cleared.

Almost every month we are facing the non receipt of bill issue n have sent n numbers of reminders to them but they don’t give me a proper reply nor they have a direct number so that we can have a talk 1 on 1.

Feel like I’m being harassed with these illeterate ppl at the front desk.

I need your reply.

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