Bad baattery provided with new Luminous Inverter

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Luminous

I am an user of Luminous inverter. I trusted the company and start using the inverter. but irony is that they

have provided a bad product.
My inverter’s battery is not charging properly. It gives a backup for half an hour only. After half an our

inverter stops working. The full day electricity is ok but still its not charged properly.
I logged a complaint for which the complaint number is : IN128001448. Person name was Naresh

The executive(Naresh) came and said we will test it that whether it can be repaired or not, till the time you

can have our separate battery at a cost of 300 Rs. After two days we will give your repaired battery back. So

we gave 300 Rs for it and the next day the person is expected to come to provide additional battery and take

away the faulted one. Naresh collected the money in advance.
But on another day the whole day gone just like that and no one came to replace the battery. I called up

Naresh, he said he had logged the request for battery in GUrgaon head office. Then from customer care we got

the detail of Narendar(9818001596) who is service incharge in Gurgaon. I called up him, he said battery will

reach in 1 hour. I wait for 2 hour then called him again, now he was not picking up the phone. I again called

customer care and gave the feedback. This time they gave me delhi ncr head Ravinder’s number(01140778222). I

called him, he said battery will reach in 1 hour again. I waited, then also no once came. I called Narendar

again, he said take the number of store from where battery will be sent and ask the status.
This time i am very frustrated, but what can i do if i born in India where 100% companies are fraud and in

terms of services they are just big zero.
This time i called (8800461294) the place from where battery need to be sent, that person told me that today

we can’t send the battery. We will sent it tomorrow.

Lots of wrong promises, lots of wrong commitment, and still the service is very poor. I am sure they wont

return my battery in 2 days after repair. I believe i have invested money in wrong place. Luminous is zero in

term on services. They just make fool by selling such bad products. Where the battery should be replaced with

new one, they are just making me fool by taking battery for few days, showing that they will repair it,

charing 3oo for no cause. If they would have replace the new battery, then they wont be able to take extra

money from me. Also ultimately i am realy not sure whether the battery will be ok after repair or not, or for

how long will it work. Please help to get my battery replaced with the new one.

Realy upset from the services, and suffering a lot due to that. Waiting for someone’s help, who could help me

to get the justice from these theves.
Please help me.

Ajay Kumar
Res: Gurgaon

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