B.Com External Exams Are Of No Use.

Location/place: Hyderabad

I would like to bring to the notice of respective Authority and General Public regarding the pessimal External Exams Conducted By Osmania University.
First to Start With ,The External themselves are lazy.The things covered by them are For Example in English: What is your Name? Tell any Five lesson names? This is what B.Com is Meant For?Finally the marks awarded are not as per the answers but as they wish and depending upon the first Impression and not what kind of person actually is. 🙁
The Way they Ask is like someone has forced them to do so. Externals show No Interests in listening To answers simply they Yawn or do something.
Projects are asked to be made But no on even Open it o_O Then why do they ask to waste time, paper and Money.
Internals meet up with Externals and chit chat what to give and what not to give depending on Attendence and Moral conduct and not as per the talent.
So why to have these Junk system of Exams where the person who shall pass gets Failed.?
I’m In my final year it’s more gone less left for me but what about the rest?

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