Avava Financial (Absolute crap)

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Avava Financial Education (

Please don’t ever take any courses with Avava Financial Education. They are the worst institute. I had taken an advanced online course in technical analysis. It was the most crappiest and useless course with no facilities and no proper internet communication.
The teacher was hopeless and the training did not yield any benefits what so ever. There was no room for feedback.
There were a million problems with their internet service and they couldn’t communicate properly while training. In the end, he did not finish the modules properly and when I complained, he abruptly cut the service and said I need to speak with the coordinator. He was not interested in touching up any problem areas that I had and neither did he finish the module properly. He seemed uninterested in keeping any feedback or problem solving sessions. It was all horrible.
Further, when i contacted the coordinator, he said he will help me or arrange for a further session, but never did anything. Please don’t register for such crappy and useless courses as it will waste your money and time.
The education was also basic, (nothing advanced) with no practical training. Overall it’s really low quality.

It’s a total waste!!!

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