Auto loan harrasment – Cheque taken by threat

Location/place: AP

Hello Sir

I was working in the UAE and had taken a car on loan from local bank RAK bank. In 2010, i lost my job and couldnt pay the bank. As a result, the bank had taken away my car as i couldnt pay the required installment for 2 months. As my visa got over, I came back to India.

Now in 2013, the bank legal representative had contacted me saying that i have outstanding and late payment of nearly 6 lakhs. He made an officer call me saying that they have an arrest warrant against me and also gave me a case number which i dont know is true or not.

After the conversation with the bank agent in UAE, they gave me 15 days time to arrange the money, but immediately forced and threatened me to give a postdated cheque with the said amount. The bank agent asked me to send the cheque in the name of HDFC bank along with my ID which i did not having any option because they were threatening me. They verbally told me that HDFC and RAK bank are having an understanding and the money will be transferred.

I am not in a position to arrange even 1 lakh. I would like to know if this is a criminal case and can the bank take any legal action amounting to my arrest? Is this case number actually genuine and is the inspector who called an actual officer?

Please let me know if i am safe here as i am being mentally tortured by these bank people.

Looking forward to your sincere advise.


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