ATM Withdrawl

Location/place: Chhatarpur

Name of company/service: State Bank of India

Undersigned tried to withdraw amount of Rs. 5000.00 through ATM from Bhopal near Hotel Amer Palace vide txn no. 462. The amount could not be withdrawn. A message came that “Sorry Unable to process”. After that I withdrew Rs. 2000.00 from second machine from the same counter which was success. When I checked through mini statement amount deducted was Rs. 5000.00 and Rs. 2000.00 i.e. total Rs. 7000.00. I lodged complaint in the SBI Chhatarpur, MP where my account is there. They lodged complaint no. 28 on 13.07.2012 and replied me that it takes about one month for resolving. When I visited on 13.08.2012 they say that you have two ATMs which could be the reason why your problem not being resolved. You might have not blocked your earlier ATM. I confirmed that the issue is very old and I have already blocked my earlier ATM. When I confirmed from the toll free no. they replied that your earlier ATM has already been blocked.
I am surprised that banks like SBI which are of national repute are in confusion and harassing the customer. I have complained so many times but till date no solution has come. I have lodged the same complaint through SBI online complaint system also.

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