Asking payment for a connection already cancelled in past

Location/place: HYDERABAD

Name of company/service: AIRTEL BROADBAND

FIxed Land Line number : 04040177521 I raised cancellation request on march 5th 2013. march 10th i spoke with mr Nethaji (customer care excecutive) . He said for cancellation you have clear total due amount. On march 11th Mr varun came to my home to collect equipement (landline and etc)from AIRTEL (through V CARE business soluions)…he collected 1257 rs (added unbuild amount). I clearly said “We done with cancellation” you wont get any calls from our executives. ON march 16th the DRAMA started. one of Excecuitive called and she said “your connection is in active” ..i told her “that my connection already cancelled and payment settled”.. They sent bills also (for APRIL too) every time they are calling i was informing the same. SAME drama again and again . they are Sending bills and harassing me to pay amount by calling again and again for cancelled connection.

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