asking for pin number for payment

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: city pulse

Hey I am ravi paramar ..number 8866665654

I want to complain for city pulse theater raipur; ahmedabad..for asking me the pin number of my sbi card for payment of movie tickets …when I told them let me enter the pin ..
They told no u have to tell us or give in written the pin number for payment ..
Even though I told them if machine can’t be reach through the counter let me reach the machine so I can enter my pin myself ..they say no for it and say if u can’t give us pin ..give us cash .
I spit of having card payment option I can’t pay ..
I have to give them the pin ..
Though I talk with the authority they say u have to give the pin and we can’t let u reach machine so give pin or give cash ….though we disscued a lot they say u write a complain but policy won’t change for u do it or security will handle I need to knw whether is it right to disclose my pin number to them anything can happen plZz if u can help or look into matter plzzz do ….

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