Asking for extra money.

Location/place: Mainpuri near Agra

Name of company/service: Airtel DTH

My Airtel DTH Cutomer ID is 3000051481.

Due to Channel migration on satelite 02 done by Airtel DTH, some of my channel are not coming.I have logged the complain on dated 19.06.2012, and complain ref. no. 19908390 was provided by the customer care. Accordingly, it was assured by them to rectify the problem by dated 21.06.2012 till 14.30 hrs. But, the same was not rectifed as on 25.06.2012. When i once again contacted to customer care, they give me another date. Finally, when i contacted to their dealer(Vandana Communications), he asked me pay extra money into his pocket. On complaining, to customer care they put off the phone.

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