Asked to pay the Airtel bill whereas the connection is inactive

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel

I have been airtel broadband user for the past 3 years. I had raised an Airtel broadband disconnection complaint on 30th May 2012. I had received a message as a result that the connection will be disconnected on 11th June.

There was a retain call next day where I was asked to retain the broadband connection at a lower rate which I had not agreed for.
This request was closed on 4th June without my confirmation with the status “Retained at a lesser rate”.

On 4th Aug, I received a call from the Billing department asking me to pay the bill. In reply, I checked for my old cancellation request and got to know that the connection is still active.
However, the executive told me that there is no data usage and I should not be paying for this bill.
As a result, logged a complaint against 30th May cancellation request being closed. I was told that by 8th August, the issue would be resolved.

I have not received any call until 9th August regarding this. When called the customer care executive is not willing to send personnel that the data usage has not happened and pressing on the fact that the connection is still active.

I am being asked to pay for month of June and being asked to re-raise the cancellation. The number is not at all active for the past 2 months.
So without even using any byte of data I am now being charged on the fact that the connection is still active because the request for cancellation was closed.

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