Appmart Fraud

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Appmart India

nhcc new horizons career channel (p) ltd cellulike mobile data backup services

I am a distributor of NHCC (NEW HORIZONS CAREER CHANNEL (P) LTD) to market their product cellulike mobile data backup services. I came to know in each state they are recruiting manpower and creating distributor.after getting amount they are doing nothing and go to another state to create new distributor.i am suffering since last 5 months. Take necessary action. Fraud Company.

above line are true word by word even i am suffering from the same situation.Companies financial condition is zero they are just trying to get back their money of investment by doing false commitment to employees and distributors both.
Dont do any investment in New horizons Career chaneel pvt ltd or appmart under any circumoustenses

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