another BPO fraud from Nashik, Zack Memen Antrix Infotech

Location/place: Kerala

Name of company/service: BPO

Another new fraud from Nashik. “ Zack Memon”!!!. His company is Antrix infotech. He comes with HTML tagging…He shows simple and easy pages and giving mixed difficult pages. Actually I deposit 6000/- for html work. He shows me simple files and I told him, if you only give this (like sample) type of files, then only I will take project. He said we will providing this type of files, otherwise I will return your money. But after deposited, he gave me difficult files. These files are not able to proof read correctly and will not get payment also. Actually 90% HTML tagging are fake. They are created image files and notepad files…One of my fried also lost 6000 from this fraud, Zack Memon. So beware !!! guys… He is alive… These fraud people are showing only simple file…

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