Annual Maintenance contract fraud done by customer care

I have PureIt Marvella RO + UV. In April, i called pureit helpline for ’Change SF’ light blinking. A technician visited and on further examination he found that there is membrane issue. I called pureit helpline again and tgey pitched me the idea of AMC. I took the 3 year AMC for Rs. 8000 and got the bill. The next 2 times when technician came, my AMC was checked and i got free service.

Now when i want to use that AMC, the company tells me that it is not valid and that the vendor mentioned on bill is not their vendor. I waant to understand that every time a vendor is assigned to me, how would i know who is genuine and who is not. Surely someone from customer care or vendor might have committed this fraud. And if i am calling helpline and a technician is coming, how is it possible that someone from another unauthorised RO service centre came to my place. How did they know my number, my address, or the problem that i have?

Moreover when tje technician came yesterday, he told that this fraud has happened with many people and the company knows about it. Despite multiple emails to helpline and emails to India head – Mr. Anjan Sengupta, no action is taken, not even a single reply to any email.

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