An appeal to resolve my problem

Location/place: Berhampur,Odisha

Name of company/service: Videoconindia

I purchased a videocon mobile phone (model no.V1688,dt.28.7.2011)from a local dealer,on the assurance that i will be provided best service in future.
But suddenly my phone had gone into dead condition on 3.5.2012.I went to the shop and conveyed my problem,they instantly recommended to go to the authorized servicing center,situated at Sai Complex,Berhampur.When all the problems of my phone been conveyed they suggested that the phone will be ok by formating,i repeatedly asked them,can all the problems be solved by doing formating,they replied yes.After waiting 1/2 an hour,i have been conveyed that the touch screen of that phone is not working properly.I simply thought i was being betrayed by them.At last I was ready to pay,they told i have to wait for one month,because the head office is not supporting them,i simply frustrated a lot,and regret that why i purchased the phone.Since then i am contacting them regularly,they are now misbehaving me.
Fortunately i saw the advertisement of the Govt. “USE Consumer forum for your complain”.
sir i am conveying the matter to you with a great hope and positive expectation,so please help and make ensure me to continue my faith upon you for life long.
Thank you.

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