An amount online refunded by ngPay for Ticket cancellation not credited in my bank account since 2 months.

Location/place: Raigarh

Name of company/service: Union Bank Of India

For cancellation of ticket ngpay refunded me an amount of Rs 1072 on 18-12-12 but it has not yet been credited in my bank account “539502010003945”. I registered complain for the same twice on concerned customer care numbers complain no’s “3214809” for the 1st time and “3390999”. they just said to wait, 1st time for two days next time for a week and so on. I even registered on mobile app even though there is no reply yet.
Don’t know what is the problem with the, i think i need to pay that amount to my network operator by calling them again and again and then i will get it.
A significant action against them is expected.

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