Amount is diducted without authontic information

Location/place: Vadodara

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank – Insurence

I wished to take a term plan of Rs. 25 lac from HDFC, they have explained and told 10197/- will be anual premium and on very next day the same amount was diducted from my Credit card & after that executive come back and told there is 7000/- increase in premium due to medical ground. So here my complain is if they complete all required formilities then they should told me the amount why after diducting the amount? I have withdrawn from the policy, now they say they will transfer amount in my credit card and the cr. card bill was generated ultimately I have to pay whole amount i.e. 10197/- from my cash and liable to use my cr. card to utilize the reversival amount. They must diduct the final premium amount if I’m ready for that, they are cheating the customers by first diducting the amount & then informing them about increased premium. Please do the strict action

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