amonut not dispensed from atm

Location/place: vasai

Name of company/service: punjab national bank

i have account in Punjab national bank bank vasai east,gokhivara brach,on 9th may i tried to withdraw 1900rs twice from PNB ATM situated at vasai,but the money did not dispensed from the ATM instead they deducted 1900 twice from my account ie (3800), on 16th of may i received 1900 but the remaining amount ie 1900 is still pending its been almost 67 days and i did not receive my money
my details
Name: puneet prabhakant tiwari
Account no : 4792001500002473
Debit card no: 5126 5200 5852 3262
Branch location :gokhivara brach,vasai east
ATM location (vasai west near bsnl office
contact no 7208605668

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