Amazon refusing the amount of order received from Bank of Baroda, But passbook is showing transaction successful

On 12 June 2018, I order iPhone SE 32GB, space grey from my account on Amazon with email [email protected], during payment due to technical issue order has been cancelled, So there is a limit of 1 order per account, so I order it again from my mother’s account and got my order successfully but yesterday when I got update my passbook from bank there is deduction of two same amount from the bank with name of Amazon they deduct amount from bank account instead of unsuccessful transaction and when I contacted Amazon for the same they said that we did not receive any payment from bank regarding Order # 406-5111448-2573149, they said to contact to your bank and file a dispute against bank, I submitted application regarding the same issue, and i filed a dispute against bank, but in response bank is saying that the amount deduction is successful from amazon side, then i contacted amazon again they said they have not recieved, so please help in regard, amazon is frauding us.

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