Amazon mentally torturing

I have placed my order number 403-6689589-4425128 on 28th June’18 on Amazon. I have ordered mobile phone Nokia 6.1 with exchange offer. I got the discount of approx 6200 – 6300 including extra 3000 exchange offer discount.

I have waited entire day for my order on 29 the June till 6 pm. As I am doing night shift I went to office after that. Amazon delivery boy came at night time around 9-10 for delivery when I was not available at home. So he went back.

Next day 30th June I called Amazon customer care for my order and they told me , it will be delivered today. Amazon delivery boy came around 11 am in morning to my home. He asked me for pin and OTP , which I had given to him. Then he handled me my order and asked for my exchange item. I handed him exchange item, he examined it carefully. I was standing in street for almost 20 minutes. After all this he taken back my order for bar code scanning on package. There was some issue with bar code or his broken screen mobile phone from which he is doing bar code. He was unable to do the scanning from the package, then he called his Amazon team. And after almost 30 minutes waiting time at street he given back my exchange item and told me to call customer care and went away with my order. I was humiliated and disappointed by Amazon.

After that, when I called there customer care team, they told me I need to wait till 3rd July for my order.

After 2-3 hours when I checked Amazon shopping app through which I have placed my order. Amazon app showed me message your order has been damaged in transit and will not be delivered, call Amazon customer care team for the same.

When I called Amazon team they told me my order has been damaged and I need to make the fresh order. When I told them this is your fault , why should I re-order , Amazon customer care agent told me them to wait till 3rd July for my order.

Today morning 2nd July u got message from Amazon – No cost EMI has been applied to credit card and you pay Rs. 2121.50 for 6 months.

Then I called Amazon and spoke with Nermita, on first attempt she disconnected my call without any technical problem. Then I got a call from her. I told her I haven’t got my order yet and I have got the message of EMI payment.
Then she checked and told me she will initiate the refund. I told her I don’t want refund and I have already been told by your team to wait till 3rd July for my order. Then she told me Amazon will not be able to replace my order , I need to make fresh order. I asked her to provide me same exchange offer which I got from your company Amazon on 28th June, I will place new order. She totally refused to provide me with that offer and keep insisting me for refund, which I straight away said no.

Amazon is mentally torturing me. I am facing lots of problems because of this issue. I am completely disappointed by their customer service. It should be the responsibility of Amazon to provide me with my order for which I have been promised and have been charged.
If the bar code on order package is not working then that’s Amazon mistake not mine. They said item has been damaged in transit for the bar code scanning issue. Amazon is cheating their consumers.

I will request higher authorities to take some action in this issue.

Thanks and Regards
Gagan Preet Singh

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