“Amazon” is doing Fraud with me

The World class shopping website “Amazon” is doing Fraud with me. They providing the discounts in the Products all are Fake. I have faced the Big issue recently. I am sharing the details below:
order no-405-1537959-1236361

I was searching online deal On 1 oct 2019. I have Seen a boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker, Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Shuttlecock & Grandeur Onion Hair Oil with other product in a very good discount were showing in Amazon. I have ordered for this. I have received the confirmation email for this order and delivery date were on 09 Oct 2019. I used my card to pay for the item. But After few day i.e on date 09 oct 2019 I have received message for undeliverable the order & the package is returning to seller.
I have talked to Amazon they are saying there were damage error with this product at the delivery end. I told them to send me same ordered with my purchase amount but they are unable to send my order & say we will returned your money .Same thing happened with me some early days before i ordered product from amazon.this happen twice with me that means they are fake ,they used my money.Who are the seller? I have ordered Amazon only I know Amazon and they are only the responsible for delivering my Product. What does this means, Amazon providing the discounts in their product any of them with fake Sale. How People can believe on Amazon. People should not believe on Amazon until they get the product in hand. Amazon can cancel any order any time..? This is totally unprofessional way they are doing. I want my product which I have ordered I don’t want my money back.

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