amateur and low-class barbers

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: Innovation Unisex Salon and Academy, Derawal Nagar, New Delhi

for the first time i went to this salon to get a hair-cut, firstly what i saw was a nicely built saloon but with 18-19 year olds cutting hair, still i don’t go by the age rather skill, so i went up to reception to ask for a hair-cut which they charged 100rs, i had 7-8 inches wavy long hair which i just wanted to be trimmed, but as soon as one of those young barber showed up after waiting for 20 minutes the first thing he said was to get my hair re-bonded, i said i don’t want any chemical treatment at all i just want a cut but he kept on pressing on that showing different styles and wasting my time, after 15-20 min. of useless talks from him, justifying my getting hair-rebonded there, and my continuously denying, he then pressed to at least get an hair spa which started at 750rs up to 2000rs, i told him i don’t want anything but a hair-cut still he kept on with his justifications proving my hair is unhealthy and require such treatment(!!!!!!), soon he was joined by his so-called senior(another 20 around, gay look-alike guy with colored hair;was also the receptionist), both of them kept on pressing on me to take a hair-spa or get hair re-bonded, despite my continuous no’s.
after sometime i got frustrated by their money-grubbing talks and sooner they sensed it,the junior then left and senior said “okay, sir i guess it would be better if i cut your hair, because the junior(name) is’nt quite able to get what you want(???), and i charge 500rs” and i was like what the hell 100rs for a junior and straight 500rs for just so-called senior, who neither seems qualified nor experienced; even the habibs charge 350rs now-a-days, till then i was too much pissed by their unprofessional attitude and rather than wasting my time and getting my hair messed up by these unprofessional bunch of fools who were there for just making money regardless of their poor skill,i left courteously saying “i may check out sometime later, thank you”..i have got hair cuts from the most professional and expensive places and i don’t mind paying few extra bucks if it’s worth it but going there was my biggest mistake it was just a good-looking place with unskilled and unmannered barbers, maybe the owner is saving money by hiring low-class cheap barbers there thinking people won’t know, but it shows,

THERE’S A WORD OF CAUTION FROM ME : stay away from INNOVATIVE UNISEX SALON AND ACADEMY, derawal nagar if u bother about your hair even a little and don’t want to waste your money because ‘money can’t buy skill’.

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