Airtel Stopped My Services For No Reason

Location/place: Jaipur Rajasthan

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

My Airtel Sim (9829418646) was deactivated last night for no reason.. For some time I thought the airtel network is down.. In the morning when I contacted the customer care, they said my validity has expired (I have a lifetime prepaid sim & it shows that I have validity till year 2037).. I wanted to lodge a complaint but the executive at the complaint helpline said that we can’t write a complaint (how funny is that.. A person sitting at the complaint helpline can’t even write a complaint).. I then contacted the Nodal Officer and got the famous reply that I have been hearing for ages – ‘sir our servers are under technical upgrade, please call after some time’ (I have been hearing this same reason since the time I joined Airtel).. I tried to contact the senior officials too, my call was put on hold for 10 minutes & then disconnected (and I was even charged for it).. Seeking no help & no satisfactory answer from anyone, I had to get my phone recharged again with lifetime validity to resume the services .. Don’t you think Airtel deserves to give me a Valid Answer as to Why my services were interrupted & all the trouble I faced calling all the executives.. OR should I go to the CONSUMER COURT for help ??

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