Airtel settlement issue

Location/place: New Delhi

I cannot believe that one day i would be submitting a complain against Airtel. But i had to do so that everyone could see what actually Airtel is and how they treat with their ‘granted taken’ customers.

I am very much dissatisfied with Airtel retention department and Customer care. I have received a call on 29th June 2011 from Airtel retention department regarding my previous bill clarification of my old number 9971230236. The bill was unbelievably and exceptionally high (of around Rs 3900) because they added Value added services of around 3000 which i clearly remember that i had deactivated my GPRS and airtel live on Month of Jan 11 and Feb 11.
The itemized bill showed that i had surfed facebook and other websites for around Rs 100 on a particular day and visited other websites with very high charges, when i clearly remember that that day i was in a meeting and was quite busy with my work.

Later the executive and I came to this agreement that we will settle down the outstanding bill to Rs. 2400 and after a long hour of discussion. Executive
asked me to do the payment on 29th June 2011 and failed to do so may attract
the legal notice.

On 29th June 2011, the same Evening, i paid the settlement amount of Rs. 2400, gave my receipt number to same executive on 30th June 2011(as requested by executive) and then she told me that she will provide me the settlement paper by 3 days. Now yesterday evening 3rd July 2011, i received a legal notice (dated 24th June 2011) from an advocate referring client as MS Bharti Airtel saying that i should make the payment of Rs 3900 and failed to do so may be illegal. I am trying to call the same same executive to whom i settled the amount to Rs 2400 but she is not picking up my call nor any of the executive from customer care is responding to my queries properly.

I was not expecting any legal notice despite of payment of Rs 2400 and seriously this is such a disgrace brought by some Airtel employees that i am sorry to say that in few years from now no one will be preferring AIRTEL anymore.

My humble request is to file a complain against Airtel of harassing and lying to its customers on their face and being not so professionalism.


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