Airtel postpaid activation in Roaming

Hi I am Purnima I am working in a Firm in Bangalore and as part of our company we are allowed to take Airtel Postpaid connections from our campus where Airtel representatives are available.

I have taken a new Postpaid number : 8197615615 and informed the reps that I will be out of town for 2 weeks. They mentioned that there will be no issues wrt to SIM verification and activation.

Meanwhile I came to chennai and called 59059 after getting SMS on my alternate mobile number . However airtel reps on 59059 mentioned activation cannot be done in roaming.

When I called the folks in my company campus they mentioned they assumed I will be withing Karnataka how ridiculous is that…

I would request someone in airtel to help me resolve this issue.
I have already escalated this issue to [email protected] but in vain I did not receive any response since morning.

I am a airtel customer for 7 years now my contact is 9880088119

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