Airtel overcharging in postpaid bill

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd

To Concerned person,

This is happening from past 3 to 4 months. Everytime i get a bill, i would be overcharged by Rs. 125, Rs. 155 and so on under value added service. This is due to Big factory store or something they say when i call your customer care. i have been complaining about this and no action has been taken. When i said that i have been frustrated this kind of additions and thinking of changing the service provider, instead of rectifying the problem, they call me back to ask if i want to deactivate my number. Is this the kind of service expected from a reputed company like airtel. i am seriously disappointed. Even in this month bill i have been overcharged. When i call and complain, they waive off the amount everytime but only to the extent of Rs. 125 or 155 as the case may be. What happens to the service tax u levy on that amount. i have been bearing all these costs and this is eating away the time, energy and most of all the trust… now i have to sit and peruse through each and every corner of the bill to identify any excess charges made… I would want you to clarify all these problems and respond to my complaint as soon as possible. I may want to add that in my name there are 2 more numbers and i am facing similar issues in them too.

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