Airtel legal departmennt

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Bharti Airtel

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you I am vinay Yadav (8008801820)airtel customer.Sir I was using airtel for more than 2 and 1/2 years. I used to pay my all bills on time but in the month of april they have gven me the bill of Rs 21000 and which is more than 10 times of my credit limit(Rs 2500).
After recieving this mail I spoke to them and tried to understand why they are making me in so much trouble, then they said i was using airtel 3g and I never asked them to activate my 3 g services but still they are claming me that I have used 3 g services.
Now my concerns are
1- when I said my CL is Rs2500 then why they have crossed it and have given me the bill of Rs 21000 and that for only 4 day usage.
2-In reply they said internet is package data so it will not follow Credit limit, but after raising this issue they have barred my services by giving this message you have crossed your credit limit. What does it mean they dont follow thier rules or what.
3-I have applied this case in consumer court but they suggested me try to have conversation with airtel than I spoke to airtel offices and I offerd him I can pay maximum which is my credit limit because i never used your 3 g services and i asked him I can pay this ammount when you will give me the letter of settelment.
4-Airtel officer said he will talk to his higher mgt then till today i didn’t get any call, suddeny my client called me stared abusing and he launched a complain against me in my company, he is saying I have given his no in airtel and if vinay is not paying that ammount than they will seize the account and file the case against him. in the mean time I was talking to him so many call are on pending.every one said the same thing.
5-Do airtel have tieup with RBI or what and how they can talk in this way to their customers and I want to know when they are having my no how they can talk to my customers, friends and family members.
6- I am feeling so helpless and hopeless because consumer court is also not helping me and I am on so pathetic situation, In my whole life i didn’t commit any crime,i am a lawabiding citizen, suddenly how I become a criminal.
7- Please tell me what to do I am not owner of any comapny and why I should pay any thing for which I am not responsible.
8-I am not able to face my customers, my collegues, in marketing profession every thing is depending upon your PR with your customer.
9-I am feeling like assaulted and insulted because i have tried to be loyal with so called best telecom comapny.

sir/mam please help me out with i am not able to do my job with such pathetic situations, for all this responsible airtel services.

Thanks and regars
Vinay yadav
Marketing professional

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