Airtel is Harressing me

Location/place: Singasandra, Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel Bharti

This is to inform you that I was using 9731904490 since 18 months, my bill never came more than Rs.250/- but suddenly my bill came Rs. 3061/- for bill period 20-Aug-2012 to 19-Sept-2012.
When I checked detailed bill many of the entries against Internet uses were not done by me. I immediately stopped my connection and reporeted same to Airtel people, but they told me that it may be done automatically from Mobile application and I have to pay the full amount. I asked them to provide me the details for those entries (like what website I opened, what all games I downloaded) but they told they cannot provide those details.
I told them that I can pay upto Rs. 700/- instead of I have not used that much and they can check my earlier bills which never goes more than Rs. 250/- since 18 months.
They refused and told me I need to pay full amount.
Two person came to my house on 10th Nov 2012 and started abusing/fighting with me and also told me that they will harm me physically if I will not pay the bill. I went to Airtel office again and reported the same to Airtel. Airtel assured me that now it will not happen.
Airtel told me that they will go legally against my case, I agreed and told them to stop all these bad/criminal activities.

Now instead of going legally they again started calling from 9986772287, 080-42837824, 080-42837828 nos. to me/ my friends/ relatives and telling them that “Sanjay did a fraud with Airtel ask him to pay the amount to Airtel” and abusing/using bad words to them in English/hindi/kanada while taking to them.

I logged a complaint with Nearest Police station against all these criminal/bad activites today.

Can you please help me on this.


Sanjay Singh Kalura
Cell :9538755655
H.No-38, Wellington Paradise Layout,
Singasandra, Bangalore – 560068

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