Airtel indulging in Fraud

Location/place: Thane

Name of company/service: Bharti Airtel

I was an Airtel customer for 9 years and decided to port out in November’11. this is the time Airtel offered me a retention offer which included discounted blackberry services with an advanced line rental for 6 months at rs 1700. The offer also promised 500 calls and texts free/month at line rentals of rs 149 which i later discovered was not the actual deal. both these offers were activated on 1st Nov’11 but i however ported out on 14th Nov’11. i later received a bill which included charges for the blackberry services which i hadn’t used. i got in touch with airtel who promised to close the issue if i made a payment of rs 970 which was rs 350 more than what i had actually used, i however made the payments to close the issue ones and for all. i however later started getting calls from airtel for the balance payment of rs 350. they even went to the extent of putting in a request to my current service provider and as a result i was barred for no reason. i later received legal notices which followed by harrasment calls and today a call from a person calling himself a legal represantative for airtel calling from the tees hazari court in delhi to make the payments. i would really appreciate help on this issue as this would be completely unacceptable by any consumer.

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