Airtel harassment


Name of company/service: AIRTEL BORADBAND

I was about to shift permanently from bangalore to Delhi and I called Airtel customer guys on Nov 15th and I asked them for shifting my airtel broadband connection from Bangalore to Delhi, I was told that it will be done in one day. so, I raised a request for shifting from bangalore to Delhi.
When I reached Delhi, I didnt get any call back/mail/response from Airtel. When I call them they say that it will be done very soon and I will get a call back with in 48 hours. I used to wait for 4-5 days and I never used to get any call back. When I call back asking for the update, they will repeat the same thing and raise a new request and again say that I will get a call back in 48 hours.
I never got any call back. The same scenario got repeated atleast 6-7 times.
This went on for 1-2 months and I got frustrated to the core and raised a request to close the connection. Then, this time I used to get call back asking me to wait for some more time so that they will resolve the issue. I again waited for few more days and nothing was being done. Finally, I had a raised a complaint for closing the connection.
When I called for a new connection in Delhi, they came in the next one hour and I got the connection next day itself.
I stopped using the Aitel Bangalore connection from Nov 1st. Now, they are asking me to pay the pending dues to close the connection which I didnt use it anyway and it got delyaed just because of your irresponsible behaviour. I have nothing to do with that. shy should I pay for your delay in shifting the connection and I am in no way responsible for that. In addition to that, I have to go through a mental torture for one month and had to call atleast 50 times just to get an update. I think this is hight time I should raise a complaint in the consumer court.

Raj(9818916214, 9886153138)

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