Airtel Fraud

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Airtel

Hi All,
This is Shweta Agarwal, I have a postpaid corporate connectio n from airtel with relationship number : 1034885083 and mobile no. 8130538666, last month the airtel provide me with the bill of more than 2000 excess amount for the data usages , in the bill it is mentioned that i have 1 GB plan and i have used around 1.2 GB, which is not true , i have never used that much data , airtel can check my previous month usages. i have raised a concern and try to contact airtel but no response.they have discontinued my outing call. i have called them , mailed them and call customer care , nodel officer but there is no response from there side, please correct my bill or disconnect my number, i will go to some more operator at least there should be no more such wrong bills.

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