Airtel Employes Make my condition Worst

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Airtel

I am using airtel connection, to use internet unlimited service(plan 649) from this company but i made a change to plan 250 for this i recived the bill of Rs.1668/-
for the billing period of 23/nov/09 to 22/dec/09 & i payed the bill & making a request to company to disconnect my service but on 15 of january a executive name “Shrishthi”
call me & give me 20% discount on (plan 649) for which i agreed to continue my service with airtel.

On 25/jan/10 i recived the call from the company to my previous outstanding bill of Rs.643/- for which i know i have to pay , but when i go to pay my bill i saw there my unpayed bill is of Rs. 4589 excluding Rs. 643 there i payed rs. 640 on that time, on coming back to home when i asked about my bill on customer care they told me ” you were using plan 250 till 15th of jan you retore your connection on 15th jan as unlimited connection of plan 649 but the plan was activated on 18th of jan/10 ” for which i agree i use my internet connection a lot between 16/jan to 18/jan but when i asked this from company a executive name “sneha” told me “this not our duty to tell the customer about the plan conversion time” there i decided to disconnect my service again on 29/jan i recived a call from executive name “sonia” she told me ” use airtel & i commited you to give waver of Rs. 3293 ” and i told her to give me in written which is not recived yet .
when i call to cust. care on 2nd/feb/10 they told me your request for the waver of Rs. 3293 is updated but not approved , again on calling 4/feb/10 same message was there.
And my waver is not approved till 4th/feb/10

Coming back on 25th jan …….
shrishthi gave me a number so that if there is any problem i can call her if there is any problem when i called her from my personal number on 25th/jan she was not in office. 2nd time after listening my problem she disconnect my call, 3rd time she said “sorry sir apka fone galti say cutt gaya tha” and again after 5-6sec. she diconnect my fone it was 17-18 sec. call . 4th time “yar ye customer to pagal ho gaya hai” again disconnection, it was 4 sec call.

And i request you to some serious step against all these employes Who make my condition worst.

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