Airtel DTH Scammed me into paying more money with no services in return

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel DTH


My Airtel customer ID is 3001288063 and mobile number 8861888771. This Scam runs in three parts

1) installation scam
2) relocation scam
3) Multi-room connection scam.

In the first scam I bought a HD-recorder box worth some 5500 Rs. I was asked to make a payment online, but when i did due to some flaw in there site which exists till date it showed payment declined, so I chose netbanking to do the same transaction again. But sfter confirming from the credit card company the credit was made in the initial transaction and when I confirmed with airtel they said I had 11000 rs balance.

So, I told them to refun the money which they reluctantly said will be done. But to my dissapointmrnt there was no reversal for couple of weeks and when asked to why it happened they said its not possible now. And that was it.
I swallowed the bitter pill after rounds of arguments. But let I knew then it was going to continue.

Then when i relocated to Banglore I asked for relocation on 3rd june and its 24th june and the request is pending with my money still with airtel, for which the guys who came one day from airtel with no tools took 200 rs.

then on 16th i raise a request for a multiroom connection for which they took 1190 rs and no one has showed up till now.

so in total they have scammed upto 6900 rs from me with nothing to show for it.

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