Airtel Deducted Amount from my No.

Location/place: Moradabad

Name of company/service: Airtel

This is in regard of the amount viz., Rs 500 deducted from my number. I recharged my no. from for Rs 500 but it said transaction not processed and didn’t recharged my account but when i checked my bank account it was deducted by airtel for which i have receipt as well. This happened on 24 May and on 28 May i received a message that amount deducted will be refunded within 4 days but nothing like this happened. I called customer support many times but nothing happened. After so many days they took my complain on 10 June and gave me refence no. which is CBNRA20610901715. Till now i have called them almost daily but no one took any action. I am fed up of all this. I just need help in this regard and need compensation for all this. Please Help!

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