Airtel Broadband wrong billing even after multiple complaints

Location/place: Chennai Tamilnadu

Name of company/service: Airtel broadband

I recently disconnected my airtel broadband/landline connection in Chennai (04443855615)The disconnection request was sent on April 26th and acknowledged by Airtel customer care on 27th April.After 15 days when I requested to send any refund to my new address, to my shock I came to know that the line was still active and the customer care asked me to confirm my cancellation.And after repeated complaints, emails and phone conversation , they finally registered a complaint on 26th May and yet they have sent me a bill on June 6th ( I stopped using the connection on May 1st) and now troubling me to pay the bill. I have never experienced such a unresponsive customer care who does not even understand a customer’s concern even after multiple emails and complaints. i doubt if they even have basic communication skill or understanding capability. Through this I ask Airtel to make void the bill genrated in June against my number and clear any outsanding amount immediately.Even now I am not even hopeful that Airtel custoemr care will even understand my problem.

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