Airtel Broadband Backend Irresponsible !!!

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel Broadband

Account number: 16363939

I(Karthik G) am writing this with severe frustration and disappointment. I have been with airtel and its services for a long time, but the backend operations team are totally incapable lot. This is an ongoing issue from the month of March. Please check all the case/call record details about this issue. I need some managers or even higher ups to address this issue. You customer care team at 121 doesnt seem to understand or care for customers grievances.

Brief summary of the issue-

I was travelling in the month of Feb 12, and there was a bill payment due. The collection department was in full swing to recover money first; Airtel representative had called and asked me to pay Rs. 1100 for continued services. I had made this payment on 01/03/2012 through Netbanking. Within 2 days from then my broadband connection was blocked. I contacted the customer care and asked for the reason – they had to say that there was an outstanding amount due !!! Then why the hell does this representative of airtel ask me to pay Rs. 1100 for continued services ??? …… And 04/03/2012 was the last date of my usage of this broadband account. After that i was just waiting for a physical person from Airtel to come up and talk to me- and then finally after torturing the customer with SMSes and calls and mails to pay the outstanding, one moron representative of Airtel from so called collection department came up by name RAM (9738807772). I met this person and explained the entire issue and i told i dont want to continue with the service. He asked me to write a letter for discontinuation and the reason, and also make a settlement payment of Rs. 1000 to close the account. At that time the outstanding on paper and account (inspite of not using) was Rs. 2400. I told i will not pay a penny more than 1000 because i havent used. This rep of Airtel agreed, took the letter and the payment of Rs.1000 and gave me this receipt and went away on 12/04/2012.

After few days again people from airtel call and wate my time everyday asking for payment. I was shocked. I had to explain the entire issue to them time and again. I also gave this rep s name and number to each of them. But nobody cared to do the needful. All that they knew was to call and waste time without any backend information. Only then i got to know through them that the connection was not terminated and my account was being billed. So im asking you who the f is responsible for this mockery ?? One moron gives incorrect information and another one acts like he is the owner of airtel. So shud the customer face all of the consequences ???

And till date the account has not been suspended and being billed. I have spoken to three of your managers and retention team over phone on different occasions about this issue. They apologised to the max and requested me to continue using the service, and promised that they will waiver all of those amounts. I had clearly mentioned only if the account is cleared of all charges and also i shud be intimated about it, only then will i use your service. But words were just words, inspite nothing has been done till date.

I need a complete waiver on the account and shud be intimated about it, so that i continue with airtel. Else just terminate the account, and dont disturb me again with SMSes/calls/mails, I WILL NOT BE PAYING A RUPEE more for i havent
used the service (from 03/03/2012. till date).

I will take this issue social if action is not been taken at the earliest.

So dont forward this issue carelessly to other departments , and better resolve it first !!!

This was written on 24/05/2012 and also sent as a mail to Airtel , and after this there were several mails sent to Airtel and also calls till date, but Airtel is incapable to look into the issue and resolve.


All these days it was Rs. 1700 and now you people have added one more month s rental into the outstanding – Rs. 2837. Airtel You will not get a rupee from me towards any of these blatant charges … So disconnect the service and ask

airtel itself to pay that outstanding when they know how to take the customer for a ride !!!

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