AIRTEL broadband and landline

Location/place: Secundrabad

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I have never come across such pathetic service ever in my life, Airtel harassed and tortured me and in the end have not provided any solution, instead given me more stress hindering the smooth functioning of my work.
We had taken 3 landline connection from Airtel and 1 Bradband with free Land line. They were very quick and prompt on sales and getting the connection. Post which i requested for a static IP and they did that, but they had ports blocked due to which we were unable to use it. The technical guy visited us, but could not resolve the issue. So i asked them to disconnect the line as its of no help for me. This was in the month of March. and till date they have not disconnected their line, i kept receiving calls and i confirmed in every call to deactivate the connection and take the broadband device from the center. After 5 months i get collection calls asking about non payment of broadband bill. Now how fare is it for them to ask me to pay for the period i have not used and how am i responsible for they not disconnecting the line.

Now they have disconnected my 3 landline connection, without my instruction and prior intimation, i received a call of disconnection yesterday for which mentioned that, i have not raised any cancellation request, and the lady apologized and sent the connection will be up by tomorrow. It was not done and i called their nodal office and got to know that they have disconnected the line due to non payment of broadband bill. Inspite of having paid my landline bills on time, and they have excess amount of our with them and this is what i get.

How fare is this sir/ma’am, i want them to be penalized for this irresponsible behavior. I have incurred loss due to non availability of phone lines.

How am i responsible for irresponsible behaviour? their system is not streamlined, they do not update the customer request properly, then how am i responsible to pay them?

Request your kind perusal.

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