Airtel bad service

Location/place: India

Within days after taking the connection I got a call saying that SIM was not registered in my name and phone will be disconnected from next day. I bunked my office and rushed to the office and submitted my proof along with my friends
After 2 days I get another call saying that my mobile will be disconnected because of the SIM being registered in my friends name. Again I had to call nodal officer and get into call for around 30 mins and finally resolved the issue (only temporarily)
On friday (28th Oct) again my outgoing facility is barred. Reason a supposedly Televerification call came to my mobile (I did not receive anything as such) and I could not answer it and hence the phone connection will be terminated. I came to know of it at 7 PM on a Friday. I cannot call Nodal Officer or Appellate Officer as they are unavailable from then. Customer Care people are too arrogant and stubborn. I cannot opt for MNP also right now as my 3 months with Airtel is not yet done.
I sent lots of mails to both appellate officer and nodal officer but in vain.
Immediately after raising concern over consumer forum I get a reply from nowhere saying that they deeply regret the inconvenience caused rather than a solution to the problem.
I deeply regret to say that Airtel’s appellate officer also could not solve the issue rather they keep on telling about a HYPOTHETICAL TELEVERIFICATION call all time. But from the beginning I am telling the same that I did not get any call and you people least care of what I say is what I feel. From morning I only called to Airtel people and nobody even bothered to call me. Lately I came to know that my number is recycled. How can that happen?
I asked about the refund of talktime..that also failed and when I asked about it the representative hung up the call. From the very beginning I did have terrible experience with Airtel Karnataka. The only reason why I hung up with Airtel until now was my number was not eligible for MNP yet. Now the hopes are completely lost as my number is supposed to completely barred. Very very pathetic customer care I guess. Never again I will go to Airtel!!
FYI My mobile number: 9663998465

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