airtel 3g service

Location/place: navi mumbai

Name of company/service: airtel 3g service

About 3 months back i.e. in april 2012, I activated airtel 3g service (sim card based service) for my tablet phone to access the internet. i applied for 950 rs per month plan (postpaid connection 6 gb free) from fort, mumbai outside a shop ,where a man was selling it in an open stall. He asked me to pay 300 rs as a security deposit and the necessary documents for the postpaid connection.

After 1 week the service got started , but to my surprise i wasn’t getting 3g service in my tab ( there was no 3g logo ), it was an ordinary slow 2g service at my residence, but whenever i carry my handset outside, other than my residential area i get the 3g service. Regarding this i complained several times to airtel customer care,since majority of the time i use internet at home, but they never took this matter seriously.

I have the service request number also, they always promised me to resolve this issue but nobody came to my home to fix it. infect i paid the first bill of rs 500 for using almost nothing,after that i spoke to them and said until and unless you don’t provide me 3g service at my place , i won’t give you a single penny, at this condition they agreed but nothing happened , now the bill have reached to Rs 2252.00 and they have disconnected the service too. now every day they use to harass me by making calls to me and to my mother by sending someone over my home regarding the undue bill.

I am jilted and almost felt like cheated , my question is why should i pay for the thing which i am not getting , they even threatened me by saying that although we have disconnected the service but we will generate a new bill every month which will goes on increasing your bill amount unless you pay the due amount . now i am come up with my plea to you in a hope that i will get justice , below i am giving you all my necessary details regarding this issue.

Airtel mobile no : 9987157365

airtel service request no:43320837 registered on 25 april 2012 at 15:30 hrs

airtel service request no: 43965385
registered on 02 june 2012 at 17:06 hr

please help me .

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