Airelt Digital TV – Unnecessary Amount Deduction

Dear Sir,

I am a customer of the Airtel Digital TV (Consumer No – 3013439899) and have been using your service for the past 4 years. On Feb 1st 2019, my Airtel Digital TV connected got deactivated. I contacted the service engineer located in my place (Palakkad, Kerala) and he informed me that since Jan 31st 2019, various customer changed their plan, Airtel is working on updating them. My channels would come back and my account will get activated within 2 days.

Please note that I didn’t change my pack and also on Feb 2nd 2019, as my balance was low, I recharged for Rs 400. I noticed that my amount in the Digital TV account was getting debited each day, even though my account got activated on 11th Feb 2019. For 10 days I couldn’t watch the channel because of Airtel server issue. Each day I called the Kerala Airtel office, and they never picked the phone. Even the airtel engineer said that amount won’t get debited and I even contacted the customer care who assured me that since the fault is from the Airtel side, my amount will be credited back for the 10 days.

They registered my complaint – 85791139 and I informed them the same. Each time I called, the customer care representative was saying that the team incharge will call me within 2 hours. It has been almost 12 days, I haven’t received any call and my complaint is still not resolved.

Each day I keep calling the customer care rep and it is the same issue. They say that today within 3 hours, the customer service rep will call back and try to provide a solution for this issue. It is really frustrating to know that Airtel don’t care to understand the pain your customers are going through. After repeatedly requesting you I can’t get any solution from your side.

Do they really wish for me to cancel and go for other digital service provider? They are plenty and I am sure they will provide a better service. But I went with Airtel since I have been using Airtel telecom service for the past 12 years.

Now when contacting, the customer care rep of the Tamilnadu branch – Ms Ramya said that they are looking into the matter. Can you believe and will try to refund. Still the refund is not sure and they are saying that it is authorized to deduct the amount even when the account is in active because of their fault.

Can’t believe Airtel is so money minded and business minded. I am really shocked with their way of handling affairs. Still my issue isn’t resolved.

With Regards
K. Vineeth Vijayan
(9894557342 / 9894557342)

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