Aircel Customer care is not registering complaint

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Aircel Karnataka

Respected Head
My name is Niteesh Bhargava (8892632365) & I have recently recharge my Aircel Karnataka No 8892632365 with Rs 68.00 INR from online via at Time: 02-08-2012 11:28:07 .Payment showed that was successful & money is debited from my paytm account But when I check my balance it shows that recharge is not done. I make a call to customer care 198 for complaint registration 5 times but they didn’t register my complaint , neither they are telling their names.

After that I make 6 calls to 198 but instead of helping they disconnects my call.

I have my copy of payment success receipt from & I am ready to show it online everywhere

Please help me , If there is no valid recharge of Rs. 68 in Aircel Karnataka then why my recharge is accepted & why money is debited from my account ????

I have never face such a rude & cheater customer care before. Aircel customer care is not listening my problem & disconnects my calls

Now if every thing is okey then why customer care is not receiving my Complaint & disconnects my calls .
My Recharge Details are as follows :-

My Aircel Karnataka No :- 8892632365
Recharge Amount :- Rs. 68.00 INR
Date :- 02-08-2012
Time :- 11:28:07 AM
Transaction number:- KAR12080211161200110
Paytm Order No :- 44593520

This is Recharge Confirmation from Aircel:-

Number: DT-Etopup
Transaction number KAR12080211161200110 to recharge 0 INR is successful.Your new balance is 0.06 INR.Recharge online on
Time: 02-08-2012 11:28:07

Now when I check my balance it shows that recharge is not done.

Please take a suitable action against customer care

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