Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Tikona Digital Networks

We have selected a plan 14999 for 3 years. Before placing order we requested them to Deliver the same urgently. Demo was given by there engineer and order was also collected by them and it was confirmed by them that they will Activate the services immediately on receipt of Cash or DD. from bank as our company doesn’t deal in Cash we gave them DD after reconfirming with the senior and he confirmed that it will be done.
Demand Draft details of Indian Overseas Dated 7/5/2O12 mean Gvoooa Bank DD *ONDEMANDPAY***TIKONA DIGITAL NETWORKS PVT. LTD.****
RUPEES Fourteen Thou&and Nine Hundred
Ninety Nine only *l4999.OO Rs.
We have communicating with them since start of May 2012 they didn’t activated our account when we required the most urgently after there confirmation. Hence
we spoked with there seniors at there office Bhandup and given written confirmation that we don’t want there services and return our money back. they confirmed that we will get the cheque within 15 days.

Still we are chasing & not received any payment’s from them.

So please help us to get our payment ASAP.

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