Aditya Motor Driving School| Goon attitude

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Aditya Motor Driving School, Sanghvi Pune


My wife had enrolled to learn 4 wheeler driving in Aditya Motor Driving School, Samghvi, Pune.We paid 2000 Rs first and at the time of final test, we paid Rs 1200/-. We have 2 receipts one which says Rs 2000 paid and balance 1050 and other which says Rs 1200 paid. As per these receipts we had paid Rs 150/- additional.I went back to the training school and asked the owner Aditya that we had paid 150/- Rs extra. He accepted and gave excuses that he had spoken to my wife and told that Rs 3200 was total cost. I told that the receipt was an authorised one and there should not be any diffrences in quoting price from different members in the same firm. however he told that it may be a mistake. I spoke to his brother as well, he also agreed that we had paid 150 Rs extra, when we went back to Aditya, he started reacting and said that he had already spoken to me then why am I spearking to his brother and started quareling and using abusive language. He would have got into a physical fight if his brother would not have stopped him. I kindly request you to take strict action against this motor training school.A company should not have this kind of goon attitude

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