Additional VAT Tax has been billed

Location/place: Karkhana/Secundrabad

Name of company/service: Health and glow

I have procured the healthcare products from health and glow shop located at Karkhans, Secunderabad. Ph: 040-32463533 as per the bill. Bill no: 0740410042168 . Bill dated:17/08/13 Time:7:43pm TIN no:28300145070. They have included VAT 14.50% apart from VAT 5%. They have also mentioned winback 5% in the shop. When we enquired about that, they told when you visit next time 5% will be given discount. Either they have got the details from us and how they can ensure that 5% discount will be given next time. They are cheating the customers. I don’t know, how many customers are getting cheated every day.

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