Adding of caller tune to my phone no.

Location/place: Dharmanagar, Tripura

Name of company/service: BSNL

Today (12.02.2013) at 05.49.57 PM a message came to my BSNL No.9402595088 that I have been charged Rs. 30 for a caller tune. The Company also charged Rs. 12 for the selection of song. I was amazed by the message. I haven’t make any call for the same and how can the Telecom company fix caller tune to my above mentioned mobile no. at their will. I have called the Customer Care executive named Mr F. Talukdar regarding the matter and he has lodged my complain (complain no – B12NE301117). Then I have asked him to see my no. details and give me the information that when i have called customer care and set a caller tune for my above mentioned no. He (customer care executive) said he can’t access this information. I also asked him to give the no. of their department which set this VAS charges in mu mobile no. He denied me for the same to. Then I have asked him for speaking to his Senior customer care executive, he said me to disconnect this no. and call back again to customer care. I have done the same but this time when i used to connect the Customer care It gets connected and get automatically disconnected. After connecting to customer care when I press button 9 in the mobile to speak to customer care, the computerised voice get repeated again. I think this is also a conspiracy of the customer care executive for not to talk with me as they don’t have any valid answer for my questions. I spoke to my friend about the matter who is a customer care executive in Aircel. He said me that Telecompanies have a outbound cell, who deals with this VAS service. They have targets of this VAS service, which they have to complete in one month for earning extra commission. So those who works in outbound services they randomly fix a caller tune in customer’s mobile no, and if any complain doesn’t come they get a income from this service. And this type of things are mainly done in the nos. belonging to rural areas. As the people their doesn’t understand these and doesn’t complain.
Hope my problem will be redressed soon

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